All along it’s love that she wanted. Maybe it became an obsession.every night she went to bed she sat across the window watching the moon and the stars shine. Loneliness engulfing those silent nights .

She wishes for a person that gets her a person that understands her. She spends her entire evenings stalking the person she would want to want her and sadly at times they don’t want her back.she opens her social pages and admires from a distance as she treads careful not to leave a reaction on their social pages.Only for her to realize!!!

They are happy all smiles and glowing with the people they love 😩love is kind ,love is patient they said as painful as it is she smiles tears threatening to spill and wishes them well.

The corner near the window black,bitter our coffee just like how her heart has turned.Black has become her favorite colour.A black hoodie ,A black cup of coffee and a dark room is all she’s loves

Enlightened she will be someday I hope tomorrow it won’t be late to realize that that is not love but youthful attraction. I hope she will realize soon enough that love is a two way street.

That those who are meant for her will stay. And those who are not will walk away and no matter how tight she tries she cannot keep them in her grasp.

All I want for her is happiness I may not be able to give her whom she wants but I wish her a genuine han with a consious heart that will love her for the magic she is.

Life a fleeting journey

Life is just like a fleeting journey, one day you are young and vibrant with all sort of dreams. As you grow you make friends and create memories until life fleets and BOOM!!! You are an adult. Welcome to adulthood where we are trying to keep up with new trends, busy schedules and dealing with all kinds of blows that life sends out way.

Here we outgrow friendships we worked hard to create. Here we make decisions and some of our decisions affect our bonds. We crave for a deeper kind of love we crave intimacy and are so obsessed in finding love that we forget life happens.

Loneliness crawls in our skin and at times some get to depression we are working so hard to keep up with society expectations we forget that a step is also progress.we blame ourselves for things we have no control over. At times we break each other

Here it’s cool not to care and show emphathy. We think coldness is cool that we rarely have a community around us. Here we act as if giving people our time,love and affection is a privilege we make people feel unworthy of our attention with or without knowing and we slowly crawl into loneliness.

Here they think it’s cool having multiple partners. Playing with people’s hearts has become a game. Here it’s either you are broke or broken in between is the addiction of drugs and immoral acts in the name of pleasure.

Until we are 30 and we realize we missed out during our 20s we missed out on beautiful bonds we could have created,we miss out on our dreams while we were busy chasing society expectations, we missed out on love, we missed out and we never realized out parents were growing old.

When was the last time you asked a friend how they were doing?? Just to check up on them ? When was the last time you asked a friend for a coffee date ?I know Here we only ask friends out for parties and mzinga moments we never want to know what’s happening in their lives whether they are broke or broken?? 🤷We come to realize when they cause damage to their lives

Life the fleeting journey!! Tomorrow is a mystery either broke or broken find a community around you let people know when to help you. And know when to help people

Bruno Mars …..when I was seven years old papa said get you some friends or you will be lonely …..

Life the fleeting journey!!!!!!!!!!



Wouldn’t it be nice to have someone that loves you? cuffed💍🔐🥺right?? Does it mean when someone is not afraid to spend a lifetime with you regardless of all the doubts of what tomorrow may bring?

Maybe I would like to try the cuffed thing where the person I love isn’t afraid of my vulnerabilities neither do they want to take advantage of my weakness it would be a pleasure for the ones we love to love us to love with or with nothing to offer.

To have the someone that holds us tightly as if afraid that we may disappear if they let go. To have someone that supports your dreams no matter how impossible or invalid they think they are . To have someone that doesn’t fake it they don’t fake the love they have for us neither the organsm during s*× and intimate moments

Cuffed 💍❤️ it’s sounds nice like melody to the ears but it can only be as good as it sounds if it’s taken seriously by those we love as time comes around hope you will find someone that takes time to learn your love language like the doe’s and donuts and when they do something wrong I hope they apologize genuinely without making you look dumb or stupid.

I hope you find a person that will make you understand what cuffed means I hope they will be proud to introduce you to their friends I hope they are a little bit clingy and want to hold your hands in public as a sign of their love and to show the world you belong to them.

I hope you don’t find a person that makes you cry yourself to sleep at night. I hope you find a person that makes you feel comfortable in your own skin I hope you will find a person that tries to put a smile on your face and constantly remind you that you are a blessing to their lives CUFFED 💍❤️ I hope they prove to you that this word exist beautifuly and that you don’t have to regret choosing them over everyone else


Trust!! it is a foreign word to me all my life I have been building walls and setting boundaries for my heart those that were there before were not able to hold my heart properly and in the process they bruised my heart

I am self conscious and independent all my life I was trained to be there for myself it was considered weakness to rely on others so if you love me be patient with me

And if you love me understand that earning my trust is hard unless am comfortable in your space I will not open up on my insecurities and I will try hard to hide my flaws I want to be loved unconditionally a soft type of love

And if you love me understand that I want a us against the world type of love I want to be the only person whose has that special place in your heart I am a jealous lover I want to be the only one that makes you happy I want you to want me

And if you love me I want to be the first person you think of when you have good news I want to be the first person you think of when things go wrong

And if you love me I want a genuine kind of love I want my definition of home to be you I want to make you home yes baby home!!!!a place I will lay down my fears flaws and insecurities without doubt I want to show you all the parts of me I think are unworthy to love I want to come home when am happy I want to come to you with my good news because you don’t consider me competition but partner

And if you love me let’s walk this journey together create a home not a building but a place reserved in our hearts where the both of us meet and share our emotional baggages and with me I promise you will be safe

I hope we both meet when we are ready to love


Happy Valentine’s day my love

Hye love it’s probably the first time for you to realize what valentine’s is I know you think am joking I mean I have always been hearing this word every second month of the year on 14th

But the truth is that I have never really paid attention to it yes you are right I used to think it’s about couples and red flowers and maybe all romantic fantasies .How do I even know though?? it reminded me of when I was back in school and boys would come with red roses for their girlfriends in school 😂

Do you remember you had no boyfriend well not as if you have one now maybe that’s why it never occurred to you that valentine’s day existed well it doesn’t mean much now though but atleast I got the reason why it’s called valentine’s

Its because its a day to remind us that love is good and celebrate love that’s what I heard from the society and on this day I would like to ask you if you would be my VALENTINE!!!

And today I want to thank you for all the times you have been strong and resilient I want to thank you for all the pats you gave on the back for little achievements I made and no matter how hard it becomes you have always urged me to preserver a little and the little hope gave light at the end of the tunnel

Allow me to remind you what love feels like on this day my love. Allow me to give you a red rose and tell you how special you are to me allow me to treat you out for dinner and buy you that red dress I saw you eyeing at the store just the other day I want to remind you that you deserve nothing but the best

Not just by material possessions but allow me to express my love for you let me be the source of your happiness let me remind you on this day that you deserve rest any time you feel overwhelmed

I want you to know that no matter how many times you fail you still have the ability to try as many times as possible until you make it right it doesn’t make you a failure rather I want you to know you are human with weaknesses

And on this day I want to renew my vows to you I want to start loving you more I want to recognize all your achievements and more i want to be there for you every time life throws punches at you I want to always Stand by you without any criticism and until you learn that you are worth much more allow me to hold your hand during this journey of self discovery l LOVE YOU


Just a little bit harder

I know I always say this but still I want to say it to you again please try a little harder it might not be today but eventually all your efforts will pay off someday

Is it only me or do you also feel just like me ? Again it’s another lonely night and my mental health is pulling me down

Sometimes I wish they understand I wish they realize that I am faking the strength at most I wish they understand that today isn’t the day when my light is shining I wish they understood that today my light is dim and a person to love me a lil bit harder is all I need

It started when I realized I am making no progress it started when I felt lazy to clean my room or do my laundry waking up from bed became a challenge and when am up I only focus on urgent chores and go back to bed

I wanna explain why I became like this all of a sudden it started with the topic I dint understand in school then coming home I found a mail on a failed project besides my business hasn’t been doing quite well lately and alot more .

But still am holding on the hope and no matter how lazy I am I know I will come back stronger no matter how hard the days are no matter how many set backs come around I will still come back better tomorrow all I ask for is someone to understand me

All I ask for is understanding and a bit of patience I wanna have a person who is willing to love both of us in times when my light is dim because no matter what I will still come around


I want the affection, kindness the care, the being missed and the love. Is it too much for me to ask for a person that will be there for me?.

I want to have that one best friend someone I will know for sure without a doubt that wants the best for me. I want someone to hold me down when things get tough

For once I would like to be weak. All my life I have been the stronger one always resilient every other time. Other times, I pretend to be what am not giving my all to prove myself to people time after time.

For once I wish for someone that will come along and love me without expectations. I hope that I would find my person, my best friend along the way I want someone who will still love me for who I am without me trying to prove anything

For once I would like to be fallen and weak. I Would love for someone else to be strong for me, battle my world and have someone take care of me too. Ever since I have been the one taking care of all others

Lawwd!!when will it also be my time? When will it be my turn? And when it is my turn I hope to find a person that genuinely loves me. I hope I will find a best friend that won’t stab in the back like all others do, I hope I will find a friend, a cheerleader and a lifetime gem that I will do anything to keep

And for once I hope to find a forever in someone. I would love to find a person for keeps in this lifetime and eternity if that exist. I would wish to have someone who Is proud of me. Someone who will comfortably tell the world that they chose me and when they do, I hope they wont flinch or think about it I hope the love they give will be genuine

And for the first time in ages, I would want to find happiness in a person. I would like to find a person that will be happy being around and being with me . Not because I want it but because they can’t think about spending their lifetime with anyone that is not me. I hope love will come along


Babe what should I give inorder for you to open up to me, apart from being your girlfriend, partner or soulmate I wanna become your best friend

I want to belong in your world I want to be part of your world i want to have those secluded parts of your heart you don’t show out to the world.

I want that place in your heart where others have not been to I might come out as selfish, jealous, and greedy but I hope you don’t mind it also amazes me that these are the type of emotions I have when it comes to you

I promise that before I met you I have never had all different types of emotions for a person but with you it’s different and I hope that proves how important you are to me and if you let me I would want to become more in your life

If you allow I promise I hold you down and take care of your heart

Wait !the other day I was eaves dropping on your conversation and I overheard the society tell you that men should not be weak a man should not cry of show their weak sides but with me I want you to know you can rely on me I know you are probably thinking I will think less of you when you open up and show your weakness and vulnerabilities to me

I hope you will trust me when I say that you can cry on my shoulders and rest your head on my laps when we discuss about those failed projects or those opportunities you think you missed I just want you to know you can rely on me when it gets heavy on the inside without feeling inferior or less of a person I just want to love you and bring about the care in your world

Will I sound funny when I say I want the chilling and netfleixing with you let’s lay around the couch on those lazy days lemme stroke and comb those beards and yes am short I like how your hoodies and pajama wear me I hope you don’t mind that they smell of my perfume

Hey are you comfortable with sharing your past expiriences with me tell me about the first girl you had a crush on tell me about Lucy your first love and what about Leah the one who broke your heart first also about that chick that rejected you coz baby I won’t promise I won’t be jealous for not being the first in your life but I want to know about them so I can understand how to take care of your heart so I can have a forever with you.

let’s laugh out aloud to those old memories and laugh out because of your sense of fashion I promise I won’t feel bored listening to past experiences that shaped your life and earned you that position you have Tell me about your dreams

Tell me about your future plans and perhaps tell me if am included in your future atleast it will give me more hope and determination to fight for you to fight for our love but that is only you take me closer to heart give me the opportunity to prove to you that you are not so hard to love let me love you you lemme watch you grow into the person you are becoming

Dear self


dear self i love you!! i know it might come as a suprise because am not used to telling you this or may be it took a while before i told you what i feel about you

am happy to say that this year came along with self love and self esteem is it a bit late if i wish you a happy new year?? Hope am not cause this year i have a lot in store for you my love i know. I know it will take a while for you to trust me and open your heart to me i now realize that i have messed up big time but still i would love for you to give me a second chance my love.

I think an apology is the right way to start of and if you may allow i want to apologize for all the times i haven”t seen your worth i want to say am sorry for all the times i have taken less than what i deserve this year i promise to love you better i know a promise may not be enough but still i want you to know it comes from the depth of my heart

and for all the times i let you take heavy blows for crimes you dint commit every time i made you take heavy punches for people that never saw you value am sorry love am sorry for all the problems i caused you while i was busy with people that never really appreciated you

am sorry for all the opportunities you missed simply because my insults were enough to make you underestimate yourself talking about self esteem i want you to know that you are the most beautiful soul i have come around not just your looks and body features, am talking about your charisma and personality do you know just how many smiles you brighten anytime you walk in a room?? Hey babe am sure you also don,t know how many people you inspire with you positive attitude. you do’nt know how sorry i am for not realizing this before am even ashamed to think

That many of the times i just made you sit in front of the mirror and made you repeat how ugly you look. baby trust me i was definitely blind love and if i may say you are beautiful ,and hey with me you don’t have to hide your flaws i hope with time you will understand that my love is genuine i hope with time you will consider me home i hope that with me you will feel secure and cared for.

Hey is it much for me to ask ,i want to be your best friend i want to learn all your secrets and insecurites i hope you will be comfortable facing the mirror and tell me about your croocked smile or is it your hair your body shape,or is it the shape of your nose that you do not like whatever it is that you feel unworthy about you lemme help you love all those allow me to take you in to the land of self love allow me to love you.

and when we work on your self esteem lets work on your confidence too please allow me in, tell me about the bullies in school the teacher that is always aganist you tell me about how you failed in maths and science allow me to guide you in this journey come along and let me teach you how to make use of your strenghs and lets deal with your weak points allow me to be there at night with you when you write your essays or is it that business book that you love lemme accompany you on all your achievements and let me carry along the tracks of all your progress

dear self maybe there’s a lot i did but i haven’t apologised for but please give me a chance this year let me begin this year with loving you till you forget how much pain i caused you in the past not by words but with my actions i am learning to become more selfless i want to put all your needs before mine

i will give you more love than i give all others i will always cheer and clap aloud when you make progress hey i will help you nature your strenghs and accept your flaws and weakness i will make sure low self confidence and self esteem is a thing for the past

Most importantly i will love you and make you feel what true love feels like i will protect both your heart ,body and soul please open up the doors of your heart for me one more time

Allow me to love and explore all of who you are because you are a gem a priceless gift that God have me . I love you

yours dearself

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